Northeast Alabama Orchid Society

NEAOS at the Alabama Orchid Society Show Sept 19-21 2014

The Northeast Alabama Orchid Society participated in the Alabama Orchid Society annual Show and Sale Sept 19-21 2014 at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens in the auditorium of the Pavilion Building.  NEAOS was originally putting in a 25 ft tabletop society display, but because of the amount of plants provided by our members, we expanded it to a 50 ft max society display.  The NEAOS was honored to received an 83 point American Orchid Society (AOS) Show Trophy, the Orchid Digest Show Trophy, two individual orchid plant show trophies, 14 blue ribbons, and 5 red ribbons.

Fantastic Modern Phalaenopsis Hybrids of Taiwan

The Northeast Alabama Orchid Society of Anniston, AL is pleased to announce that Tom Harper of Stones River Orchids of Franklin Tenn. will be presenting a free program at the Anniston Museum of Natural History on Oct. 13th at 2:15pm in the museum auditorium.
This program focuses on the latest breeding in Phalaenopsis Orchids from Taiwan. Each of the major flower colors are featured showing their characteristics from their award pictures at the Taiwan International Orchid Show. This program was completed earlier this year following a trip to the International Orchid Show in Taiwan as a participating orchid judge.  In addition to a great program, Tom will be bringing some really well grown and blooming Phalaenopsis orchids for sale.  Hope to see you all there!

Deb Delmas gives Northeast Alabama Orchid on "Appreciating Furans


The NEAOS is really excited to have Deb Delmas of the Heart of Dixie Orchid Society of Huntsville, AL to present a program, "Appreciating Furan", based on her 92 point FCC awarded educational display this past April 2012 at the HODOS orchid show. "Furan or Wind Orchid" is the Japanese name for the Neofinetia falcata orchid. Grown in ancient times only by nobility or the rich...these orchids and all of their variations were highly sought after and cultivated. This program will explore the history, the varietal types, and the growing culture of these beautifully fragrant orchids. The program will be held in the auditorium of the Anniston Museum of Natural History this Sunday Jan 13th  at 2:15 pm.  Hope to see you there

Northeast Alabama Orchid Society 25ft max orchid display at Alabama Orchid Orchid Society show and sale Sept. 21-23, 2012

Congratulations to Bloyce Arnold

Congratulations to our newest member, Bloyce Arnold of Talledega, AL on his blue ribbon at the Alabama Orchid Society orchid show with his beautifully flowering Cattleya Chong Guu Swain White Bow Bells.

Dtps Merry Musick, owned by Becky and Junior Coxwell, received an 80 point AM/AOS award at the Alabama Orchid Society orchid show in Birmingham, Alabama Sept. 21-23, 2012.  This orchid is a cross between Dtps Musick Surprise x Dtps pulcherrima alba.  It was hybridized by Mary and Fred Kaufman of Huntsville, AL.  Its cultivar name will be determined at a later date.



Next Program: “Breeding Trends of Taiwanese


Presented by Tom Harper

September 9th 2012


Anniston Museum of Natural History Auditorium

Taiwan is known for producing most of the world’s supply of phalaenopsis sold in retail, as well as having some of the best breeders of multi-floral, art-shade, and harlequin phalaenopsis orchids. Tom’s program will explore the trends of these breeders as he saw them from his 2010 visit to Taiwan.
Tom grew his first orchid in 1967 and joined the Orchid Society of Middle Tennessee.  By 1975, he registered his first hybrid and opened Stones River Orchids.  Tom is a founder of the IPA in 1989, writes for IPA Journal, Orchids, and Orchid Digest. He is an accredited AOS judge (25 years) and has lectured from coast to coast, and internationally. In 2008, he received his first FCC/AOS on Dtps. Brother Success ‘Laura’ (pictured above).